On-Campus Student Mailouts

SNU Faculty, Staff, & Students:

Please observe the following guidelines when distributing student mailings through the student boxes:

Letters and Brochures

  1. Put student's complete name on the item.
  2. Put all envelopes or fliers in BOX NUMBER order (not alphabetical order) as student boxes are in numerical order.
  3. Please rubber band, clip, or box together your mail out items so that they will remain in box number order.
  4. If your items are "time sensitive" please label them with the date on which they must be in the boxes.
  5. Best size for brochures or one page hand outs is no smaller than one half sheet of paper or tri-folded. Card stock is best for smaller items.
    **Please avoid anything smaller than one half sheet items if possible. They are hard to see in the boxes and hard to put in the boxes.

Packages or Gifts

  1. Each item must be labeled as follows:
    Student's First & Last Name
    SNU Box XXXX
  2. Please fill out a purple card provided by the Commons Office to put in the box to notify the recipient that they have a gift. If you are sending out multiple items, please feel free to call or come by the Commons Office and pick up a stack to fill out.

By observing these guidelines, it will enable us to distribute your items in a timely manner. We receive hundreds of items from the postal service, UPS and other couriers, as well as from all across campus daily.