Mission Corps

Mission Corps

A year doesn't seem like much time unless you invest it for eternity

12 months of volunteer service on a mission field

Do you tithe your time?

Would you give a tithe of your first 10 years out of college to help fulfill Christ's Great Commission as a volunteer on a mission field?

SNU challenges its graduates to give at least a year of volunteer service in cross-cultural ministry. Most of those who have responded have spent that year (or more) working under the Mission Corps (formerly NIVS ) program of the Church of the Nazarene.

Others have given it through organizations like Youth with a Mission and Operation Mobilization.

Jason Hubbert and Howard Culbertson work with placing students in opportunities best suited to their interests and individual talents.

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Tentmaking? That means you go overseas and take a job. You witness in appropriate ways on the job and then give great chunks of your free time to church planting and development. In the Church of the Nazarene, "tentmaking" missionaries sign a covenant agreement which gives them some structure and accountability.

"It seems like so many students have volunteer missions on their heart, but at some point they lose interest. I am not sure if it is the money or just lack of direction." -- Brandon McDonald

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