New Students of SNU to Serve OKC

New Students of SNU to Serve OKC

Their college career begins with service, for 434 new students, transfer students and sponsors from Southern Nazarene University (SNU) who will join efforts together in serving the Oklahoma City Community on Tuesday morning August 26, from 9:45 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.

This year, as a part of the 22nd Annual New Student Institute (NSI) the students will divide up to serve at 16 different scheduled locations. 

Locations are as follows: 

Birth Choice, 601 NW 31st,OKC, OK  10 to 12 students

Birth Choice 2, 401 S. Wester, OKC, OK  10 to 12 students

Love Link, 500 S. Western Ave, OKC, OK  60 students

Goodwill, 6830 E Reno Ave, Midwest City, OK  20 students

Goodwill #2, 410 SW 3rd St., OKC, OK, 40 students

Goodwill #3, 5845 NW 50th St., OKC, OK  20 students

Goodwill #4, 2109 SW 89th St., OKC, OK  20 students

Reaching Our City, 7710 NW 10th, OKC, OK  35 students

Salvation Army, 301 SW 5th OKC, OK  10 to 12 students

Ronald McDonald House, 1301 NE 14th Street, OKC, OK  12 students

Providence Church of the Nazarene, 2701 N. Kelley Ave, 8 – 10 students

OKC Compassion Inc, 1121 N. Pennsylvania, OK  20 – 30 students

Feed the Children, 25 N. McCormick (Warehouse) 5 to 15 students

Habitat For Humanity, 132 West Wayne, Edmond, OK  60 to 75 students

City Rescue Mission, 800 W. California Ave, OKC, OK  15 – 20 students

Bethany Public Schools. NW 42nd between College and Mueller in Bethany, OK
10 to 12 students.

“Love Link Ministries is a mission agency in the core of Oklahoma City that depends heavily on volunteers to carry on its work with the urban population,” said Dr. Howard Culbertson, Professor of Missions at Southern Nazarene University.  “The SNU group will give Love Link Ministries a shot in the arm.  It will expose college freshmen and transfers to an organization that could use their help through out the school year.”

 The annual service project day is apart of SNU’s 22nd New Student Institute (NSI), a five-day orientation program designed for new freshmen and transfer students to assist with the transition into the university setting and help them feel at home on campus and in the community. 

“Today’s SNU students want to do something to change the world, to make it a better place.  This work day is a starting point for them,” said Culbertson. 

For more information on the service project locations, contact Stacey Porterfield in the Spiritual Development Office at Southern Nazarene University at 405.491.6216.   

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