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Resource Center for Pastoral Leadership at Southern Nazarene University, Bethany Oklahoma
DR. Stan Toler - Resource Center for Pastoral Leadership at Southern Nazarene University

Since its founding in 1899 to the present, Southern Nazarene University has been committed to serving the church in preparing the next generation of Christian ministers. From formal degree programs of rich theological education and sound practical experience, to certificates and continuing education for practitioners, SNU has sought to serve the Church with excellence in this regard.

As tangible evidence of this commitment, the Resource Center for Pastoral Leadership (RCPL) at SNU was launched by President Loren Gresham in October, 2013. In cooperation with the District Superintendents of the South Central Region of the Church of the Nazarene, Dr. Gresham not only announced the launch of the Center but also the naming of Founding Executive Director, Dr. Stan Toler. 

While the Center’s primary focus will be on serving Nazarene pastors, the RCPL will reach out to serve evangelical pastors regardless of denominational affiliation, race or gender.

The mission of the RCPL is to create a place where pastors find:

  • Direction and inspiration for their Calling
  • Development and encouragement for their Character
  • Delivery of timely resources to grow in their Competencies

The RCPL will fulfill this mission through:

  • On campus, off campus and on line CEU events
  • Quality ministry resources at low or no cost to pastors and congregations
  • Utilization of the outstanding resident faculty at SNU complemented by top tier presenters/instructors from around the world.