Retention Task Force

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The Retention Task Force (RTF) was formed by President Gresham in the Fall of 2008  to assure that a cross-campus group is examining the issue of retention on a regular basis. The mission of the RTF is to provide campus leadership in the study and promotion of student learning, success, and degree completion at SNU. The RTF will analyze data (retention, withdrawal, housing, campus climate, student satisfaction, and so forth) and recommend to the President and his cabinet strategies to enhance SNU’s retention and graduation rates.  Recognizing that retention improves as the quality of student learning and student life is enhanced, the RTF will also recommend long-range strategies to address the ongoing needs of all students.  The RTF will partner with the cabinet and other campus constituencies in addressing the action items listed in its charge.

RTF Members:
Chuck Chitwood- Registrar
Gwen Hackler- Vice Provost for Academic Administration
Loral Henck- Director of the Academic Center for Excellence
Michael Houston- Associate Dean of Students
Noel Jacobs- Co-Director of the Honors program
Misty Jaggers- Director of First Year Experience
Melany Kyzer, Associate Professor of Speech Communication
Diana Lee- Director of Financial Assistance
Bobby Martin- Director of Athletics
Mike Redwine- Vice President for Enrollment Management
T.B.D. - Director of Institutional Research
Brad Strawn- Vice President for Spiritual Development
Dennis Williams- Director of General Education
Facilitator- Scott W. Strawn- Vice President for Student Development

Background Information:

      Charge from President's Cabinet

RTF Initiatives:
      Cabinet Approved in January 2009
      Status Report on Initiatives

RTF Data:
      RTF Key Indicators and Goals
      Retention Data Set (1 of 2)
      Retention Data Set (2 of 2)