Select SNU Students to Work with Dead Sea Scrolls

BETHANY, OK (March 28, 2013) - Dr. Hal A. Cauthron, Chair of the School of Theology and Ministryannounced an exceptional opportunity for select students at SNU in work with a not-yet-published portion of the Dead Sea Scroll (DSS).

Discovered in the Judean Desert not far from Jerusalem, the Dead Sea Scrolls are some of our oldest copies of the Bible. Their discovery, translation and examination have significantly shaped what we know about Judaism just before the time of Jesus. While most of the scrolls have been researched and published by Biblical Scholars, a few portions have yet to be fully examined. Students who have the ability to work with the DSS are working with SNU Professor, Dr. Marty Alan Michelson in connection with the Green Scholars Initiative. This unique opportunity for SNU students emerged in conjunction with the Green Scholars Initiative when Executive Director Dr. Jerry Pattengale discovered Dr. Michelson’s work. This initiative is the research arm of the Green Collection, over 40,000 Bible artifacts and Biblical texts made available by the owners of Hobby Lobby.

Dr. Cauthron notes, "At SNU, we train our students for service in and for the Church. In doing this, we lead them in developing deeper understanding of the ancient traditions of Scripture which we hold sacred.” Students who demonstrate their proficiency and desire to work with the Hebrew Old Testament, get this opportunity with Dr. Michelson.

SNU Student Scholars working with Dr. Marty Alan Michelson (SNU) and Dr. Bobby Duke (Azusa Pacific University) are (from l. to r.) Marty Michelson, Lynn Vogel, Cherokee Harding, Johnny Bland, Bobby Duke, Herschel Hepler, Austin Troyer, and Dale Weaver.

In the Spring of 2013, current SNU student-scholars met with Dr. Robert (Bobby) Duke of Azusa Pacific University to begin initial work on the assigned DSS. Cherokee Harding, working with Biblical Languages at SNU says, “Since my first semester at SNU studying Greek with Dr. Cauthron and now Hebrew with Dr. Michelson, my biblical languages classes have been one of the most rewarding and the single most enjoyable part of my education.”

Graduate student, Herschel Hepler says, “"It is an honor to participate with SNU in the examination of something so historically significant. I cannot fully express my gratitude to Dr. Michelson, SNU, and the Green family for allowing this unique opportunity in my study of the Bible and developing scholarship.

Michelson and the learners will work with the DSS through the Fall of 2013 and anticipate their findings will be published as part of a larger collection of DSS that have been distributed to other Scholars working with the Green Collection. The Green Scholars Initiative has a major contract with Brill Publishing, Leiden. Drs. Emanuel Tov and Jerry Pattengale will serve as the General and Managing editors of this series.

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