SNU Excels in Academia with Summer Research Opportunities

BETHANY, OK (September 27, 2012) - Nathan Adams, senior, has not had a typical summer since he came to the campus of Southern Nazarene University as a freshmen in the fall of 2009.

Nathan Adams is a student researcher who was given the opportunity to participate in two separate summer research programs during his tenure at SNU.  The first experience was with the NASA sponsored Space Grant in the summer of 2010. This particular research was part of the SNU Math and Science Summer Research Program hosted on the school's Bethany campus. Nathan most recently participated in the summer 2012 Summer Airborne Research Program or SARP in California.

“The atmosphere between the two experiences were different; last summer's program was a whole lot more diverse in nature,” says Nathan about the two experiences. “Additionally, the most recent research program had more funding, and it allowed me to research to a much greater depth than I was able to in SNU's REU program.”

Nathan spent the summer researching at NASA’s Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility and the University of California-Irvine. Each research team that was a part of this program was divided into groups. The group that Nathan was a part of studied how to determine the path taken by watercraft was based on data from aerial photos of the watercraft. This was all accomplished through the Ocean Group which used Remote OCean sensors to gather data from the ocean.

Nathan’s professor, Nick Zoller, originally introduced him to this program, “This research made a positive impact on Nathan's college experience. After talking with him about his summer research, I can tell that he now has a better appreciation for how researchers from different disciplines can work together on scientific research. I always tell my students that the majority of current research is carried out in a multidisciplinary format, but seeing it with your own eyes makes a big difference.”

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