SNU Receives Grant from National Science Foundation

Southern Nazarene University has received a $159,552 grant from the National Science Foundation. The 3-year grant will fund the project “Emergent Hierarchies of Leaders in Multi-Robot Systems” through the NSF's Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation (CDI) and Research in Undergraduate Institutions (RUI) programs. The research project uses insights from biological systems to investigate how leadership emerges as robots work in teams.

Under the direction of SNU’s Dr. Brent Eskridge, principal investigator for the grant, students will gain experience participating in an interdisciplinary research environment that combines computer science and biology. Dr. Eskridge will collaborate with Dr. Ingo Schlupp, a zoologist from the University of Oklahoma.

"This grant provides students at SNU with a rare opportunity to participate in real-world, interdisciplinary research as an undergraduate,” stated Dr. Eskridge.“It also will serve as an example of SNU's belief that coursework is only one part of a student's education and that extra-curricular academic activities such as research are essential in equipping students for success."

This grant provides funds for a faculty researcher as well as year-round employment for a Computer Science student and a Biology student as research assistants. It also provides funds for an “embedded journalist” student from the Mass Communication department. In addition, the grant provides funding for students and faculty to travel to research conferences and gives the opportunity for students and faculty to participate in interdisciplinary research with a research university.

The Computer Science/Network Engineering (CS/NE) curriculum at SNU currently offers four traditional degree programs in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Network Engineering, and Software Development along with Professional Studies degree completion tracks in Network Management and Software Development. In addition to obtaining a degree, the Network Engineering program also prepares students for MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and Cisco certifications. For information on these programs, contact Prof. Jim Tabers, 405/491-6362.

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