SNU SGA VP of Campus Communications shares news of upcoming weekend campus activities

Powder Puff, Friday, September 18th

Powder Puff, one of SNU's most sacred traditions, is football in its rarest form... for girls.  Each year, the seniors and sophomores square off against the juniors and freshmen in an epic gridiron battle sure to excite even the most devoted of football fans. 

This year's battle will be no exception, as the ladies hit the field in what usually becomes a hard-hitting pigskin battle. 

Come check out the festivities at the soccer fields, complete with booth and sideline coverage of all the action. Admission is just $2 for the best seats in the house, or absolutely free for holders of SNU's Crimson Card, visit for more information on the SNU Crimson Card. 

The action starts at 8 PM, with pre-game just a few minutes before the top of the hour. 

And men, if you're worried about the women on campus stealing your masculine thunder, fear not! The Snowbarger RAs will be holding a car-bash before the game starts. 

It's just a buck a swing, and it's an excellent way to let off a little steam before the seemingly earth-shattering role-reversal for the duration of the evening. 

Directions to the soccer fields 

Ice Blocking, Saturday, September 19th 

Ice blocking will be held on September 19th at 8PM at Will Rogers Park. Admission is $3, but don't sweat it if you're packing a Crimson Card,  

The most common question people ask about ice blocking is probably it’s most fundamental: "What on earth is it?" Imagine, if you will, those exciting times throughout your childhood when you got to experience the dare-devil speeds and danger of sliding down what seemed like the world's tallest mountains on sheets of cardboard. It seemed exciting at the time, but in an age of driver's licenses and college exams, cardboard sledding just doesn't seem all that great. 

In order to recover those nostalgic, whimsical feelings from childhood's distant past, SNU students hit the slopes of Will Rogers Park in a frictionless, slightly more dangerous, version of an adolescent classic. 

Upon arrival, you'll get to enjoy your very own block of ice, free snow cones, and satisfaction of watching at least one of your friends writhe in pain at the bottom of the hill after attempting an alternate sliding position he/she claims will be "awesome". 

Ice blocking is BYOT (Bring your own towel), so don't forget it or you'll end up like that kid on A Christmas Story.

Directions to Will Rogers Park 

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