SNU Students Compete for Ziglar Corporation

BETHANY, Okla. (April 29, 2011) - Southern Nazarene University (SNU) students in Professor Isabelle McClung’s Consumer Behavior class spent the semester working on a consulting project for the Ziglar Corporation.

The Ziglar marketing project was conducted to determine target market awareness of Ziglar Corporation and its products. The goal is to find out how to best target people in the 18 - 30 age range.The information from this consulting projectwill be used to create new marketing and product development plans for Ziglar Corporation.

Not only was this a consulting project, but a contest as well. Four teams from SNU and two teams from Southwest Christian University (SCU) presented their projects to a panel of judges to win an Internship with the Ziglar Corporation. Student’s discussed their findings and gave final recommendations on how the company could better increase awareness among young consumers.

The judges were Michael Kennedy and Tom Ziglar from the Ziglar Corporation, Jeff Seyfert from SNU and Professor Garrett and Professor Jackson from SCU.

First place winners will receive $ 150.00 for each team member, 2nd place $ 100.00 & 3rd place $ 80.00 each. TheZiglar corporation will then pick up to 3 internsto work for them that summer. SNU students Brandon Blevins, DJ Matia, Melissa Matlock, Austin Patterson and Becca Rovenstine received first place in the competition.

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