SNU Volleyball Climbing the Victory Ladder

As the volleyball season is well on its way and the players primed for success, the Southern Nazarene University Women’s Volleyball team has already begun to taste the sweetness of victory. Their 16-to-4 win-loss ratio (as of 9/13) is the visible proof of success thus far, but the formation of a genuine team mentality is the true measure of triumph for these athletes.

Captains Ellen Martin (junior) and Kat Biddy (senior) have had a tremendous influence on the fusion of the team both on and off the court. Kira Roberts, sophomore outside hitter, affirms that the team has been welded together greatly by the “genuine, godly influence and incredible leadership” displayed by Martin and Biddy. Also contributing to this new team fusion and success is simply the increase in the number of eligible players since last fall.

The strength of 19 players this season working together is dramatically impressive compared to the 12 players of last season. A different nature of togetherness has been developed on the team as the new players far outnumber the returning team members and, Roberts comments that, “the new players bring an incredible dynamic to Storm volleyball.”

All of these factors have worked in harmony to contribute to one single mindset: BOOM. This team theme of the season, striving to Be Opposite Of Moderate, is what the team feels is their challenge and calling. Living out the team scripture in Philippians 2:3-4, the 2011-2012 SNU Women’s Volleyball players aim to work in harmony, play in unity, and walk in humility throughout the rest of the season and all for the glory of the Lord. Therein, their true victory is won.

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