SNU's Dr. Marty Michelson participates in Leadership Education at Duke Divinity

    Dr. Marty Michelson, Professor of Theology and Ministry at Southern Nazarene University has been invited to work alongside Duke Faculty with his expertise in theology and leadership development.  A new program that partners with select twenty church leaders to develop their role in cultivating thriving communities.

In acknowledgment of Michelson’s invitation to this specific program, Rev. William H. Lamar IV, managing director of the program expressed to Michelson, “Foundations of Christian Leadership is grounded in the reality of God’s unfolding work in the world and how you, your institution and community are bound up in that work. As your gifts, graces and passion for ministry are joined with those of your colleagues, we will build a supportive and thriving community marked by worship and work, reflection and action. We are convinced that broadening your theological imagination and strengthening your capacity to lead will transform the church.”

Michelson’s invitation to Leadership Education at Duke Divinity stems directly from his shared ministry work with the local church and the university.   Michelson provides coordination to the Master of Arts in Theology at SNU and leads in ministry at Penn Ave. Church of the Nazarene and OKC Compassion, Inc. ( Leadership development skills will additionally benefit Michelson’s direction of the Eupan Global Initiative (  Michelson will travel to North Carolina on three occasions in 2010.


Dr. Michelson has expressed his gratitude to the leadership at Southern Nazarene University for their awareness and support of time away from campus for participation in this leadership opportunity at Duke.

Michelson hopes to share and extend what he learns for the benefit of other persons.  “This unique opportunity for leadership education is not just for me,” said Michelson.  “I plan to share what I learn with other church leaders and certainly with the next generation of leaders – current students.”


As Michelson gleans insight and wisdom through his appointment, he will gather materials and insight to share with other church leaders beyond his local congregation and beyond those who sit in his classes at SNU. 


To contact Dr. Michelson directly about how he might share with your church or faith group, email Dr. Michelson at: