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Need a little inspiration for your job, internship, or graduate school search? These SNU students found great opportunities and so can you! Check out their success stories—besides inspiration, they also show that academic major does not have to restrict your goals and that there are many ways to land a perfect position!

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Physics Alumnus
Vice Provost for Research (VPR) and the Director of the Center for Astrophysics at Baylor University

How did SNU prepare you for your career?
I majored in physics while at SNU and the background I received during my coursework with Dr. Keith Walker prepared me for graduate studies and my subsequent research career. However what I’ve recently come to realize is that SNU prepared me in other ways, many of which have become vitally important in my current position. I’m drawn more and more often to thoughts of my time at SNU -- conversations in classrooms between faculty and students, in the dorms between friends -- and how clearly this prepared me for my current task.

What advice would you have for a prospective high school senior?
College is important, much more so than in previous times, as even entry-level jobs now require more training and knowledge (especially technical knowledge) than you will have coming out of high school. However, an education should do much more than simply provide you the skills needed to survive. An education should also prepare you to accomplish God’s call on your life. Choose your school wisely and never take this opportunity for granted!

Mass Communications and Business Alumnus
Sports Anchor at KWTV-CBS

How did SNU prepare you for your career?
For me, SNU was all about the people I met there. From classmates to teammates to the faculty to the University President, Dr. Gresham, I made Christian friendships that will last a lifetime. I met my wife at SNU. It filled my life with the relationships that would shape nearly every aspect of my future.Pam Broyles and Jim Wilcox and Marcia Feisal did an unbelievable job of surrounding me with examples of successful people in my field in addition to giving me a solid educational foundation. More than anything, I was able to learn by example through internships and professionals in broadcasting exactly what it took to get where I wanted to go.

What advice would you have for a prospective high school senior?
Don't rush into a decision about what you want to do. Take your time and figure out what you really love, and then go after it. I changed my major midway through my four years at SNU. College is your chance to find a career you LOVE.


Biology Alumnus
Global Missionary with the Church of the Nazarene

How did SNU prepare you for your career?
If I had to describe what SNU was for me in one word, it would be a harbour - a place where you go to be filled up with supplies and provisions for life. It was a time for me to learn to live out my faith and for me to mature and grow - to become more fully developed as a person. (And I must say that I had a ton of fun too!) When I arrived at SNU, I did so with a deep conviction that God wanted me to be a medical missionary. I enrolled in their renowned pre-med program and did very well. However, over Christmas of my junior year, I realized that my heart's passion wasn't taking care of people's bodies (as noble a cause as that might seem) but it was in nurturing people's souls. SNU offered not only a place where all of that could be explored but caring people with whom I could dialogue as I struggled to find my place in God's great universe.

What advice would you have for a prospective high school senior?
What else could there be to say except: "Go to SNU!"

Accounting Alumnus
Director of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services

How did SNU prepare you for your career?

Forever Friends, Faculty, Family and Faith are shared in a safe and demanding environment. I learned, almost without realizing it, how integrated all of life can be. The spiritual source of life fuels the physical, emotional, academic and service needs we all share. Integrated also means interdependent. We need each other and SNU’s learning community helps each of us find meaning and purpose in life. Academically, SNU prepared me to do well on the LSAT and to do well in law school. But, the character, culture and Christ lessons prepared me for the challenges of decision making at the speed of thought and a digital and virtual world that did not even exist when I learned the lessons.

What advice would you have for a prospective high school senior?
Be as deeply and broadly prepared as possible for God’s calling on your life. Learn from the best teachers possible and listen to spiritual leaders who are committed to excellence in all of their work.

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