Southern Light Goes Online

     BETHANY, OK --- Southern Nazarene University’s (SNU) alumni publication, Southern Light, recently made the shift from print to online availability.

Southern Light Online is used as a means to communicate and connect with alumni and friends of the university. 

“Another online publication opens the door for us to provide a lot more information,” Brenda Styers, Director of Alumni Relations said. 

“With Southern Light Online we hope to make the news and alumni information more accessible and more time sensitive, and we hope to be able to expand beyond what we can put in a print issue,” John Martin, Associate Vice President of University Advancement said. 

Timeliness and relevance are key elements to this publication, and online service provides the means to stick with these standards. 

“We can change and add stories more rapidly,” Martin said. “Southern Light Online is really our first e-zine and we know that it’s the direction even the main stream media is going. It’s something we are eager to make available to keep alumni and friends of the university informed.” 

Southern Light Online readers have the opportunity to provide responses to articles, letters to the editor, and ideas for future stories. (

“We have such incredible alumni. I’m excited about the opportunity to expand the amount of information we can share about them and with them,” Styers said. 

By moving the publication online, the university will be able to assess the current printed publication over the next 15 months through surveys and focus groups to determine how best to meet the needs through a newly formatted print publication. 

“This doesn’t mean we won’t be communicating with alumni through mail but that we will do it in other formats,” Styers said. “The online publication will give us an opportunity to look at how alumni want to connect with us, while being a steward of money and creation care.” 

To see Southern Nazarene University’s online magazine, Southern Light Online, visit