Web Update Launched at Southern Nazarene University

BETHANY, OK (October 9, 2013) - A newly updated web site for Southern Nazarene University was launched recently, the product of more than a year’s work by the SNU Media Strategies Team.

Research was conducted prior to the redesign with higher education enrollment experts detailing the importance of websites for future students.

Led by Sarah Roberts, Media Strategies Director, this internal project had excellent support from Colleen Brown, Web Administrator, and Graphic Design Specialist, Patrick Marston.

Some notable features of the new site are:

· Each of the 70 majors has its own webpage with printable brochures and degree plans
· The three calls to action "Visit, Apply, Why SNU?" are available on every page
· Increased search engine optimization through key words and metadata
· Clean design and clear navigation
· Responsive design templates for mobile devices

Dr. Terry Toler, Vice President for University Advancement and Church Relations at SNU, congratulated the team on their accomplishment, saying, “The entire campus community is indebted to them for their outstanding work on all our behalf. The launch of the new web site represents a very significant achievement for our Media Strategies Team who, along with administrators, faculty and staff, spent the past year working on this project.”

Dr. Toler noted that the result is a vastly improved experience for all users – both internal and external.

Southern Nazarene University's mission is to transform lives through higher education in Christ-centered community. As a Christian community of scholars, we model the hospitality of grace, the pursuit of truth and the practice of discipleship, all within the Wesleyan-holiness tradition, as we prepare graduates who THINK with clarity, ACT with integrity and SERVE with purpose.