Schedule an Audition

To schedule a scholarship audition, please contact the appropriate person listed below.


Prof. Rebekah Ambrosini or call 405.491.6344


Dr. Bryan Powell 717-6245

Woodwind / Brass / Percussion

Prof. Danny Abrego  491-6340


Dr. Melissa Lewis or call 405.717.6242

SNU School of Music - Auditions

Audition Requirements

Only prospective students who are prepared and meet the following guidelines may audition.

Casual business attire is deemed appropriate for a scholarship audition.


  • Sing 2 songs of contrasting style from memory as follows:
    • Vocal contest literature, such as art songs, opera arias; oratorio arias, -OR-
    • Songs from a musical, -OR-
    • Christian contemporary
  • Bring an accompaniment or an accompanist


  • Perform 2 classical pieces of contrasting styles; at least 1 must be from memory
  • Play 1 hymn arrangement

 (Listed in order of preference)

  • Perform a solo piece that was prepared for a high school district, regional or state contest, -OR-
  • Perform an etude that was prepared for a high school honor group audition, -OR-
  • Perform a sacred piece that was prepared for a church setting
  • Audition material does not have to be memorized or accompanied


  • Play any 3-octave major scale in quarter notes (quarter note equal to 60 or more)
  • Perform 2 technically contrasting pieces as follows:
    • Classical repertoire, -AND-
    • Etudes prepared for an audition, or pieces prepared for a church setting
  • Memorization and accompaniment are not required