Careers in Cultural & Communications

When you graduate with your degree in cultural communications from SNU, you’ll have the preparation you need for a successful career in many professions such as:

  • Foreign Service
  • International Business
  • Educator
  • Post Grad Study

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Study Cultural Communications at Southern Nazarene University at Bethany Oklahoma

Bachelor of Arts in Cultural & Communication Studies

At SNU, we have built a strong Cultural and Communication Studies program by implementing a rigorous major core of writing, reading and research that emphasizes critical thinking. As a Cultural and Communication Studies major you can choose a concentration Foreign Language (6 Hours) STUDIES that best suits your career goals. English Literature. Modern Languages. Graphic Design. Speech Communication Because of the unique curriculum available in our Cultural and Communication Studies program, you may earn additional certifications while staying on track to graduate with your degree. Pick up your creative writing minor, which is not available at any other Nazarene school. Work on certification preparation for public school teaching. Even gain training in English Language Learning (TESL) and get the opportunity to intern in the ELL center on campus. While a student at SNU, you will be encouraged to take advantage of yearly literary travel experiences both in the United States and around the world. British Isles. Italy. France. Boston. And more. Or build your resume and expertise through a summer internship at Nazarene Publishing House or WJC Internships. Many Cultural and Communication Studies students also choose to join one of the campus clubs. Sigma Tau Delta National English Honor Society. Oklahoma Collegiate Press Association.

Excellent Cultural & Communication Studies Professors

Your classes at SNU are taught by more than just professors, they are experts highly-qualified to give you the best knowledge available. Our four full-time professors have a combined 100+ years of teaching experience and have been awarded Excellence in Teaching and Excellence in Faculty Performance. Eighty percent of our English faculty has Ph.D. degrees. They hold a variety of leadership positions around campus including publications advisor, director of the honors program, honors faculty, a grant writing specialist and more. In addition to their work of teaching, our faculty has been widely published. Learn from Jim Wilcox whose practical experience as a writer and editor includes being a writing consultant for Oklahoma Writing Project, 8 published books, contributor to 7 and editor of 15. Not to mention the 10 periodicals he edits or the nearly 300 articles he has published. Take a class from Pam Bracken, the co-owner of the 46th Star Press Publishing Company or from Gwen Hackler, former Oxford University Professor, who is responsible for grants totaling more than 10 million dollars!


At SNU, you are not the only one concerned with your post graduation plans. We make your success after graduation our top priority. Because we train you to read difficult materials, research, write and think critically, you will be prepared for a variety of jobs. Brad Crofford is a Cultural and Communications Studies major at SNU. While studying at SNU Crofford has interned with the US Department of State, Strategic Applications International in DC, and volunteered at the Oklahoma House of representatives. On campus, Crofford has been the editor-in-chief for the newspaper, as well as a member of several honor societies. All on top of a staggering 4.0 GPA. After a summer travelling the country doing missionary services, Crofford plans to attend graduate school for either international studies or political science. “I hope to pursue a career in the Foreign Service. As a missionary kid, I spent many of my childhood years in Africa, and I still have a heart for the continent. My time at SNU has allowed me to prepare for this career. I was able to study for a semester in DC through a CCCU program, and I spent a summer in Benin with the State Department. SNU has been so incredibly helpful through all these internships and programs. Also, I have had fantastic professors in both of my areas of study who have encouraged me. It’s thanks to them that I have been able to pursue such a wide range of interests and activities, which will benefit me in my future career,” says Crofford. Whether you plan to jumpstart your career or pursue furthering education, we won’t just cheer you on, we will empower you to reach your goal.

The Program

  • Rigorous core of writing, readying and research that emphasize critical thinking
  • Select a concentration that best suits your career goals, English literature, modern languages, graphic design, or speech communication
  • Opportunity to earn additional certifications while staying on track to graduate with your degree, creative writing minor, training in English Language Learning or certification preparation for teaching in a public school setting
  • Yearly literary travel experiences both in the United States and abroad
  • Summer internships and campus organizations to boost your resume

The Professors

  • 100+ years of combined teaching experience
  • Awarded Excellence in Teaching
  • Awarded Excellence in Performance
  • 80% of the department hold Ph.Ds

The Preparation

  • Your post-graduation plans are our top priority
  • You will be trained to read difficult materials, research, write and think critically
  • Your knowledge will have you prepared for a variety of jobs in the Cultural Communication field