Equestrian at SNU

Diversity The SNU Equestrian Center provides students with the opportunity to work hands on with a variety of skillfully trained horses. Our horses have experience in a wide variety of both English and Western disciplinesEquestrian at SNu such as Cutting, Working Cow Horse, Western Pleasure, Roping, Hunter/Jumper, and Halter. The SNU stock comes from diverse backgrounds and a variety of breeds, including Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Paints, Arabians and, Miniatures. Equestrian at SNU

 We believe that offering students a diverse  population of horses to choose from makes it  possible for them to find a mount that best supports their individual equestrian goals and  interests.

All horses at the SNU Equestrian Center have either been generously donated to our program or bred here at the ranch as a result of our onsite reproduction program. We are greatly appreciative of the generosity of the many ranches and horse owners that have contributed to our program. It is their commitment that makes it all possible.

SNU Horses 2016