Julie Brant - School For ChildrenJulie re-joined the School for Children in Fall of 2003. She has been teaching for 15 years. Julie taught in the Lower Primary Division for 2 years in 1994-1996, then 7 years at Tulakes Elementary. Julie is married to Todd Brant. They have three children: Grayson, Maddie and Landon.

Julie enjoys guiding students in being creative. She loves the many creative art projects and science explorations this school promotes. Miss Julie can be found preparing computer presentations for the children using many types of technology.

Miss Julie can usually be found laughing or excited about something. She loves spending time with her family and loves spending summers on the beach.

"Being a part of developing children is very exciting. I enjoy watching children enjoy and take part in their learning process. Creative teaching with a variety of exciting activities is my favorite way to teach. Each child is different and finding the strengths of each child is crucial to their growth."