Modern Language Programs

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  • B.A Degree in Spanish
    SNU's Spanish major emphasizes the real world use of the language through such courses as medical Spanish, business Spanish and a wide selection of translation and interpreting courses as well as courses in Spanish writing, conversation and literature.

Interdisciplinary Programs

  • B.A. Degree in Spanish-English Translation
    The Spanish-English Translation major prepares students for careers involving oral and written bilingual communication, such as translation, interpreting, international journalism and communication positions in international organizations.
  • B. A. Degree in International Studies
    The International Studies Program prepares students for careers in international business, relief and poverty alleviation, diplomacy, communications, travel and international law.
  • B.A. Degree in Latino Ministry/Latino Studies
    The Latino Ministry/Latino Studies major is an interdisciplinary program that combines courses in theology and ministry with Spanish and translation courses in order to prepare students for cross-cultural ministry among Spanish-speaking populations in the United States and overseas.

Minor in Spanish
A total of 18 hours, including six hours of upper division courses, is required for a minor.