Life at Southern Nazarene University

So what is life really like as a traditional student at SNU?  Honestly, it’s a lot like feeling at home.  We make it a priority to create a place for our students to connect. For some this looks like hanging out in one of our residence halls, taking some time to meet a friend for coffee in Pop’s Lounge, leading a small group or chapel worship, or even getting involved in student leadership or a club.
We offer programs to help students flourish inside the classroom while also giving them opportunities to grow as they explore their gifts and talents outside the classroom.  Our services range from career advisement and a tutoring/writing center, to a student health center, and an on-campus counseling center -- all of this in a Christian environment where individuals are valued and every student’s success matters.

Student Handbook - 2012/2013 Southern Nazarene University, Bethany, Oklahoma


We strive to create Christian community by engaging our students in worship, discipleship, and service to others.


Since the needs, interests, challenges and concerns of college students are so varied, SNU provides numerous on-campus services to assist our students.