Mailing Information

Mailing Information

Outgoing Mail
Outgoing mail should be received by the Commons Information Desk by 1:00 p.m. in order to be processed by the Bethany Post Office on the same day.

Out-Going Packages

UPS Service

  • Maximum Weight - 10 lbs
  • Monday - Friday Only!
  • Must be processed before 2 pm for same day pick-up
  • Overnight, 3 day ground & other options
  • Tracking number
  • Commons will take your check for UPS service!

Certified, Priority, and Overnight Mail

  • Standard post office fees apply. CASH ONLY, PLEASE! 
  • Letter/parcel will need to be received by the Commons Information Desk by 1:00 p.m. in order to be processed by Bethany Post Office that day.
  • Special handling, overnight, certified, etc., needs to be at the Commons window by 10 a.m. for same day service.

In-Coming Packages to Students
Items that are too large for your box will be held at the Commons Office for you to pick up.

Please bring your SNU I.D. 

PACKAGE PICK-UP NOTIFICATION will be sent to your personal preferred email.  Be sure that it is up to date by checking your information on My.SNU or the on-line Storm Search Directory.  Please contact the Commons Office if you need to correct or change your email.

Ask for the specific type of mail  listed on the email--letter, box, flat, padded mailer,etc.  This will help the Commons Office Assistant  locate your item quickly.

Special Notices - Occasionally, you may still receive a notice in your box for miscellaneous items such as Valentine or Halloween treats.  The Commons Office receives so many items during these two times of the year that a paper notice will be placed in your box for treats and surprises. 

Students must bring their SNU STUDENT I.D. to the Commons Office in order to pick up packages.

No packages or mail is given to friends or family without prior notification or in case of an emergency or special need.  

Only the assigned box holder may receive mail at your box number. If you have an emergency or special need, please call the Commons Office and we will do out best to help.

Postage Due
You will be notified by email if you receive a piece of mail with insufficient postage.  Please state that you received a postage due notice when asking for the mail item.  You may pick up your item when the postage due is paid.

Tapes and CDs
If you do not want to keep them, do not open them! Unopened CD's may be returned to sender without purchasing additional postage.

Lost Mail / Box Mate Problems (What To Do)
If you feel you have not received incoming mail, please see the Commons Information Desk.

Name/Address Changes
Please notify the Commons Information Desk immediately in the event of
name / address changes. All changes are made through the Commons Office including Storm Search Student Directory listings.  You may check your Contact Information on My.SNU.

Please Note:
Mail services are subject to federal laws. Persons involved in tampering, theft,
destruction, or deception related to the delivery of mail services will be
accountable to both University disciplinary procedures as well as to civil
authorities and laws. - Student Handbook

To Open Your SNU Box

  1. Turn left several times then stop at your first number.
  2. Turn right, going past the second number one time, then stop the second time.
  3. Turn left to the third number.
  4. Turn right until you hear a click sound or feel a catch in the tumbler.
  5. Open box. If box does not open, re-do steps.

**Please ask for help if your box will not open or your lock is broken. We will be glad to get your mail for you and will do our best to get your lock repaired and back in service.



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