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Southern Nazarene University - Character Culture Christ

James Worley, Coordinator

The 2017-2018 Academy of Senior Professionals morning seminars will focus on maintaining standards of excellence and values during growth and change.  Seminar leaders will also share new developments in their respective institutions.   

Morning seminars are at 9:30 a.m. in the President's Dining Room  (3rd floor, Webster Commons at SNU). 


October 9, 2017  - Greg Grimaud, owner of several   Precision Tune Auto Care franchises, will be the leader
for our 9:30 a.m. Morning Seminar on October 9. Greg
will enlighten us with a story of his life that could be titled "Flexibility in a hostile world" or "How you, too, can own your own Uranium" or even "Why my screen door company for submarines failed". You will find Greg's presentation to be informative and educational, filled with drama, enlightenment and success.

Greg is an alumnus of the University of South Carolina. He is married to Suzanne and they have three children. He was in the US Air Force where he became a Command Pilot/Instructor Pilot for the T-38 Talon and the HC-130P Combat Talon. He now owns nine Precision Tune Auto Care franchises, has attained the level of “Double Diamond Executive Distributor” with “It Works Global” and is involved with Enkindle Ministries.

He attends Western Oaks Church of the Nazarene, and his priorities are God, Family, Country, and Business. He said, “Everything I do and who I am flows from this order.”

Put this seminar on your calendar. You will enjoy the story of one man’s journey and the message he has for us.

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