New Students

Mailing Information for New Students


Once you have moved into your dorm room and settled into college life, you will most likely find that one of the most important events of your day will be checking your SNU mailbox.

To ensure that your letters from home arrive in your SNU box, please be sure to pass along the following information to your family and friends:

New Student Mail Address
Student's Legal Name
SNU Box ####
6612 NW 42nd St.
Bethany, OK 73008

All Other Correspondence to the University
Southern Nazarene University
6729 NW 39th Expwy
Bethany, OK 73008

When mailing items of value...
PLEASE use a service that gives you a tracking number.

  • UPS and FedEx offer an automatic tracking number.
  • The United States Postal Service offers a tracking number for an additional fee on some types of mail
  • If you insure a package through the USPS, please retain your receipt!
  • In the event of lost mail that has been insured, the Post Office will not honor insurance claims without the receipt.

Students Living Off-Campus
If you live off campus and wish to maintain a student box, you may pay a $5.00 fee (payable by cash or check payable to SNU) to maintain an SNU box address for one year.

How to Open Your SNU Box

  1. Turn left several times. Stop on first number.
  2. Turn right. Stop on number second time around.
  3. Turn left to the third number and stop.
  4. Turn back right until it catches. Box should open.

left 01
right twice 05
left to 99
right to 0 clicks open

If it does not open, try again. If still unable to open box, please come to the Commons Office for help. PLEASE DO NOT HIT YOUR BOX!!! This will damage your lock!

LOCK YOUR BOX! You have a box mate.

Mail Problems?
Email us at