School of Theology & Ministry

The mission of the School of Theology and Ministry, in obedience to the Great Commission, is to inspire and equip people for responsible Christian leadership in the Wesleyan holiness tradition.

SNU’s School of Theology and Ministry desires to prepare students for a life-long ministry of serving and teaching others. Our program seeks to have students graduate debt-free or as near-debt-free as possible in order to be able to effectively minister to others as soon possible through unique scholarships. Check out more about our programs below. Meet our professors and hear about their extensive ministry experience. See the stories of many of our alumni serving worldwide. And when you’re done here, don’t forget to schedule a visit to our campus.

Theology & Ministry Programs

A.B. Degree

An A.B. degree is the normal pattern of ministry preparation for students intending to serve as pastor, missionaries, and theological educators. Pre-seminary students are strongly urged to follow one of the A.B. degree patterns.

B.S. Degree

The B.S. degree is available in three program areas within the School of Theology and Ministry, as follows:

A Ministry minor is also available.