Social Studies Education Degree

Completion of a degree program in social studies education enables students to begin a career in:

  • Social Studies Teacher
  • Government
  • Educational Non-Profit Organizations

Download the Social Studies Education Degree Plan 

The Program

  • Equips students with the knowledge and ability to earn a state certification to teach social studies
  • Prepares students to be the most effective teachers possible
  • Tailors the degree program to meet individual student interests and needs through 12 additional electives

The Professors

  • Hold Ph.D.’s in History
  • Have over 40 years combined experience teaching in higher education
  • Committed to a Christian liberal arts education with a desire to create a personal learning experience for each student

The Preparation

  • SNU is flooded with phone calls each year from area schools looking to hire our graduates
  • Upon completion of our program, students are prepared for graduate school or teaching
  • Recent graduates have been accepted in to schools across the country including the University of Oklahoma, Baylor, Rice, the University of Denver and more