Southern Nazarene University Awarded US Dept. of Education Grant

Bethany, Oklahoma – October 3, 2019 - SNU has just been awarded a U.S. Dept. of Education grant in the Strengthening Institutions Program for a 5-year grant of approximately $500,000 for each of the 5 years, for a total of $2,249,947 for the full grant period, beginning October 2019. SNU will contribute to the overall funding costs of this program through endowment match ($239,820 along with the federally-funded $2,249,947). SNU's Title III project, entitled Reaching the Marginalized Majority:  Access and Success for Nontraditional Students, focuses on new program development and expanded student support in Professional Studies and includes endowment funds.

SNU’s proposal contains three initiatives focused on building new Professional Studies curricular programs, developing student services for adult students, and building endowment for undergraduate scholarships. The new programs include Cybersecurity (BS), taking the existing Network Management (BS) to Tulsa, and developing a new Information System (AS) degree.  The grant will also develop and pilot a new Physical Therapy Assistant (AS) degree.  The  two associate degree programs are intended to serve as feeders into SNU degree completion programs. The grant provides faculty positions, renovated instructional labs and equipment, and library resources for these new programs.  Student services will be expanded with an early alert system and career services geared toward adult learners. The grant funds provide approximately a quarter of a million dollars to match monies raised by the institution to increase the endowment for undergraduate student scholarships by close to half a million dollars by the end of the grant period.

The overall goal of the Title III grant program is to strengthen the institution’s capacity to serve low-income undergraduate students by strengthening the institution's academic quality, institutional management, and fiscal stability.    SNU received our last Title III grant for online learning during 2011-2016.

More information on the Title III program is available here:

Information about SNU's Professional & Graduate Studies can be found at

Special thanks to Dr. Gwen Hackler and all who helped SNU in securing this strategic grant that will accelerate our program growth in areas of strategic importance to Oklahoma.

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