Why MA at SNU? - Theology & Ministry Graduate Studies

The University

  • MA students at SNU have the chance to participate in all our campus community has to offer, such as cultural events, weekly worship, special speakers, and revivals.
  • The MA allows for twelve hours in other areas of study offered at the university.

The Program

  • Flexibility of the MA program allows a concentration of up to 12 hours in Missions, Christian Education, or Practical Theology, 30 hours in Theology, or 30 hours in Biblical Studies.
  • Many graduate courses are offered 2 days, or even 1 day a week. Several classes can be taken as one-week modules.
  • Class sizes are generally kept under 20 students, allowing for dynamic interaction and personal attention.
  • The SNU program provides good preparation for further graduate study. The program is accredited and credit will generally transfer to other universities and seminaries.

Graduate Theology Faculty

  • All resident faculties have, or soon will have, earned their doctorates. 90% of visiting and adjunct faculty have earned doctoral degree in their field of specialization.
  • Our faculty are active in ministry in the local church and the denomination. They contribute to scholarly publications.

For addition information please call 405-491-6368 or email gradtheology@snu.edu