Academics at Southern Nazarene University

Academics at Oklahoma Universities SNU

College of Teaching & Learning

College of Teaching & LearningThe College of Teaching & Learning desires as its core mission to educate students to be professional educators and leaders who serve reflecting Character, Culture, Christ. We are driven to equip students to become professionals who lead with integrity.

College of Humanities & Education

College of Humanities, Southern Nazarene University, Bethany OklahomaWelcome to the College of Humanities and Education at SNU. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have a dream for your future. At SNU, we want you to succeed in the pursuit of your dreams. And with great programs, highly-qualified faculty and a track record of great jobs for our graduates—we know how to let you “Dream with Confidence.” 

College of Natural, Social, & Health Sciencescollege of natural, social, and health sciences

College of Natural, Social & Health Sciences, Southern Nazarene University, Bethany OklahomaWelcome to the College of Natural, Social and Health Sciences. This college houses four unique divisions of studies, School of Kinesiology, Science and Mathematics, Social and Behavioral Science and our School of Nursing. Click around, there is a lot to see.

College of Professional & Graduate StudiesCollege of Professional & Graduate Studies

The College of Professional and Graduate StudiesThe College of Professional and Graduate Studies seeks to prepare students to succeed in their individual career paths. Through the undergraduate School of Business, Adult and Graduate Programs, SNU has a degree path that will not only fit your needs, it will assist in making your dreams a reality. Whether you seek to join the workforce or enter graduate studies, we will help you achieve your goals. .