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Policy & Procedure Table of Contents
Section A - General Information
A-1 Purpose
A-2 Obligations
A-3 Human Resource Administration Program
A-4 Non-Discrimination
A-5 Grievance Policy
A-6 ADA - Grievance Procedure
A-7 Campus Security
A-8 Faculty Handbook
A-9 Conflict of Interest
 A-10 Ethics Hotline

Section B - Employment Practices
B-1 Hiring Guide
B-2 Employment Types
B-3 Employment of Minors
B-4 Employment of Relatives
B-5 Transfers and Promotions
B-6 Rehires

Section C - Salary Administration
C-1 Salary Administration
C-2 Authorized Job Classification
C-3 Job Classification Changes or Additions
C-4 Pay Procedures and Reporting of Time
C-4b Hours of Work Policy: Nonexempt Employee Electronic Communications
C-4c Travel Time Policy for Nonexempt Employees
C-5 Call Back Pay

Section D - Benefits
D-1 Vacations
D-2 Holidays
D-3 Sick Leave
D-4 Personal Leave
D-5 Health Insurance
D-6 Social Security
D-7 Bereavement Pay
D-8 Voluntary Transitional Retirement
D-9 Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
D-10 Americans with Disabilities Policy
D-11 Tuition Remission Policy

Section E - Work Performance
E-3 Personal Appearance and Dress Code
E-4 Computer Use Ethics Statement
E-5 Sexual Misconduct
E-6 Whistleblower Policy 
E-7 Sexual Misconduct Involving Children Policy
E-8 Workplace Harassment Policy


Section F - Miscellaneous Policies
Drug-Free Workplace Act Compliance Program
Supervisor Training Packet- Performance Management
Performance Assessment Procedure
SNU Performance Review and Development
SNU Self-Assessment and Goals

Revised 07.2018

SNU Mission Statement

To make Christlike disciples through higher education in Christ-centered community.

As a Christian community of scholars, we model the hospitality of grace, the pursuit of truth, and the practice of discipleship, all within the Wesleyan-holiness tradition, as we prepare graduates who think with clarity, act with integrity, and serve with purpose.

Lifestyle Expectations

Employees that decide to work for SNU are required to read and agree with the following statement:

Members of the SNU community voluntarily commit themselves to the following standards of behavior, which result from the conviction that these standards serve the good of the individual as well as the institution. Specific conduct unacceptable on or off campus includes theft, disorderly conduct, disruption of University operations, dishonesty, gambling, sexual misconduct, possession/use of pornographic material, discriminatory or demeaning behavior, immodest or inappropriate apparel, use or possession of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or illegal drugs, and other conduct inconsistent with the goals and traditions of the Church of the Nazarene and the University.

Our Nazarene Heritage
Founded in 1899, Southern Nazarene University is a private, Christian, liberal arts university - a service of the Church of the Nazarene. Located on a 40-acre campus just west of Oklahoma City, SNU grew out of several small colleges committed to training people for service to God and their fellow man. More than 32,000 alumni work and serve throughout the United States and the world. Read About Our Heritage