Schedule an Audition

To schedule a scholarship audition, please contact the appropriate person listed below.


Prof. Rebekah Ambrosini or call 405.491.6344


Dr. Mark Reighard or call 405.491.6342

Winds / Percussion

Dr. Rich Cantwell or call 405.491.6344


Dr. Melissa Lewis or call 405.717.6242

Music Instrumental Program at Southern Nazarene University, Bethany OKlahoma

Audition Requirements

Only prospective students who are prepared and meet the following guidelines may audition.
Dress code: Casual business attire is deemed appropriate for a scholarship audition.


  1. Sing two songs of contrasting style from memory. Appropriate literature, listed in order of preference:
    1. Vocal contest literature, such as English and/or foreign language art songs; opera arias; oratorio arias; OR
    2. Song from a Broadway musical; OR
    3. Published sacred arrangement of a Contemporary Christian Solo or Hymn.
  2. Bring an accompaniment CD track or accompanist if possible. If necessary, contact the music office to request an accompanist.


The keyboard audition at SNU requires that you have three keyboard compositions ready to perform. At the end of your audition you will be asked to sight-read from an intermediate piano collection.

Prepare to play two (2) compositions from classical repertoire (classical means keyboard music from composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Barber, Ginastera, etc.- Your selections should reflect different eras of keyboard music.) This list of composers is only a sampling; there are many other choices, but please make sure you stay within classical guidelines. One of the two classical compositions must be played from memory.

The third composition can be either a keyboard arrangement of a hymn, gospel or christian contemporary selection OR an improvisation of your own composition technique (i.e. hymn, gospel, christian contemporary or popular tune.) Improvisation means your own creation at the keyboard, either original or from the selections listed above. Memory for the third composition is preferred, but not required.

Winds and Percussion

  1. Perform two contrasting pieces. Appropriate repertoire, listed in order of preference:
    1. Solo pieces that were prepared for a high school district, regional or state contest, OR
    2. Etudes that were prepared for a high school honor group audition, OR
    3. Sacred pieces that were prepared for a church setting, OR
    4. a combination of the above.
  2. Audition material does not have to be memorized.
  3. It is not mandatory that solo pieces be accompanied; however, live or taped accompaniment is certainly welcome.


  1. Play any 3-octave major scale in quarter notes (quarter note equal to MM 60 or more).
  2. Perform two technically contrasting pieces. One selection must be from the classical repertoire, the second can be made from etudes prepared for an audition or pieces prepared for church settings.
  3. Memorization and accompaniment are not required.