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Laptop Program

All full time undergraduate students at Southern Nazarene University receive a LAPTOP COMPUTER during New Student Institute.  This Laptop is NOT a rental and you will NOT have to pay any additional cost or fee to receive it.

 For specific information and laptop specifications please visit

"The laptop program was one of my deciding factors in coming to SNU. I was nervous about buying a laptop for college, but SNU offered a program where a laptop is given to every student. I also knew that if I ever had a problem or questions I could go straight to the Laptop Center for help. It just took off added pressure in the whole 'college' process. "

 -Christy Swank, Junior Nursing Major from Joplin, MO


 "The laptop program was beneficial because it made it easy to stay connected to my professors, classmates, and family.  Since the campus is completely wireless I can check my email in the classroom, watch a YouTube video while sitting outside, or print my research paper to the library printer from the comfort of my dorm room ."

-James Wells, Sophomore Bio-Chem major from Yukon, OK


"Knowing that every student has a laptop has created opportunities to redesign what can happen in class. Using the cloud of laptops in the room, my students and I have the flexibility to quickly gather information to address questions that emerge in the middle of class. Collaboratively, we can simultaneously gather information, analyze it and organize it into a quick report. The classroom can be a more robust, information-rich learning environment than ones in which a professor and a textbook are the only available sources of information."

- Dr. Dennis Williams, Director, General Education

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