'Bringing the mind of Christ to the world of Business.'

The SNU School of Business seeks to prepare students to succeed in their individual career paths. Whether you seek to join the workforce or enter graduate studies, we will help you achieve your goals. Through unique learning opportunities, internships based on your interests, and our classes with highly-qualified professors, the School of Business is prepared to help you make your dream a reality. So take a look around, check out our scholarship opportunities and don’t forget to plan your visit to campus!

In our business program you will learn in a variety of ways. Experiential based learning. Emphasis on team development based learning. Strong ethics orientation. 

In addition to a normal core of business classes, we focus on specific characteristics to make your SNU degree a step above of the rest, we call them distinctives. The emphasis on ethics distinctive begins in our gateway course, Ethics and Business Principles and is pulled through the entire curriculum, completed with the capstone course, Business Policy. This distinctive builds a theme for decision-making and analysis not just in your courses at SNU but as you enter the workforce as well. 
The second distinctive is in service. While studying at SNU, you will be encouraged to hone in on your serving skills through a variety of opportunities. Perhaps you will join Angel Tree, volunteering year round as you come alongside children and families of incarcerated parents with support, mentoring, and educational help..