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At SNU, we believe that living on campus is important to your success and journey as a student and encourage ALL undergraduate students to be a part of our residential community. We are certain on-campus living contributes greatly to a student’s development as national research performed at colleges and universities indicates that students who live on campus enjoy a more positive and rewarding university experience.

They tend to be more involved, develop better study habits, have more contact with faculty and staff, and achieve higher grades. SNU is committed to enhancing your development outside of the classroom by providing a community in which you can grow and learn by interaction with other students and support from residential staff. Residence Life utilizes a creative blend of of programs and activities to help you reach your full potential.

Each of our residential living areas has a Resident director (RD), a full-time staff person, who lives and works in the building, providing support spiritually, socially and academically throughout the year. We also have a committed team of student Resident Advisors (RAs) who reside and work in the hall helping to create our strong and cohesive community.


2016-2017 Academic Year Housing Contract

2016-2017 Housing and Meal Plan Pricing


A.M. Hills Residential Complex: Residence Hall for men and women (freshman through seniors). Non-freshman suites are assigned through a drawing of eligible applicants (based on a points system).

Asbury Apartments: Living Area for upperclassmen women. Apartments are assigned through a drawing of eligible applicants (based on a points system). 

Bracken Hall: Bracken Hall is the freshman female residence hall and is quaintly nestled near the heart of the campus.

Chapman Apartments: The Chapman Apartments offer housing for approximately 96 upperclassmen male and female residents.

Imel Townhouses: Living Area for women (sophomores through seniors). Rooms within the townhouses are assigned through a drawing of eligible applicants (based on a points system).

Snowbarger Hall: Residence Hall open to men.

For more information please view the 2016-17 Academic Year Housing Memo and Pricing link or email housing@snu.edu, or stop by the Student Development office. 


Residence Life Staff 2016
L to R: Davis Hodam, Maia O'Bannon, Katy Bradley, Jocelyn Bullock, Tim Cole

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